Vancouver by foot

May I recommend you walk more?

Walk places you haven’t walked before. Walk a different way to a regular destination. Allow yourself five extra minutes to wander.

Vancouver by foot is an old idea I had for a photography series that I never followed through on. It’s in no way a complex or revolutionary idea — barely an idea, really.

I recalled this idea recently and decided I may as well use this blog for something.

I suppose Vancouver by foot is a practice, a free-form diary of images and impressions of the city and where-ever else I wander.

So let’s begin.

While out birding today, I found these Pholiota mushrooms clustered on a dying tree at John Hendry park (aka Trout Lake). They’re probably P. aurivella — but I have only the most rudimentary knowledge of mycology and didn’t take any to make a spore print.

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