Tunguska revisited

“Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.”

André Gide

Today sees the re-release of my second (and so far final) album under my 833-45 moniker: Tunguska.

I was both flattered and surprised to hear it described as “a record like no other in contemporary electronic music.”

I’m grateful to Notype for the support with both this re-release and with my music in general throughout the years.

Listening to Tunguska now, I hear an ominous foreboding of the Sixth Extinction which most of us were only barely aware of at the time I composed it around 2001. The path we’re on now makes the devastation of the Tunguska event seem quaint by comparison.

While the album is available for download under a pay what you want model. If you do listen to it and enjoy it, consider making a donation to a conservation organization of your choice.

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